We provide international production services to several foreign producers of first level, who have chosen Bolivia as a location to develop their ideas.

Outstanding projects for USA, Israel, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina and Spain have chosen us as their local facilitators (or supports), always obtaining international results.

For this, Bolivia has an infinite variety of landscapes, locations and casting, as well as technical and human equipment to develop any type of production. We invite you to venture into this beautiful and diverse land full of nuances and mysteries.

Cathedral from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz City

City of Santa Cruz

Bolivian Amazonas

Bolivian Fauna

Sand hills

Titikaka lake


Suarez lake

Uyuni salt flats

Mirror Uyuni salt flats

Fisher Island Uyuni Salt Flakes


Potosí Rico´s Hill

Potosí City

Streets of Sucre

Sucre City

Colonial House

Mururatas Hill

Dalís Hill

Thunupa Volcano